A group of Alaskan Jeepers that like to hit the trails and help each other out.

Joar Leifseth Ulsom

"In 2020, Joar Leifseth Ulsom will run Iditarod for the eighth time. Born with a love of dogs, Joar, 33, started skijoring in his hometown, Mo I Rana, Norway. From there he ran a variety of small races with borrowed dogs until he started his own kennel in 2008. After developing his kennel in Norway, in 2011 he moved with his kennel, to Alaska and began to pursue a career in mushing. He has enjoyed participating in the Yukon Quest, the Nadezhda Hope Race and the Kuskokwim 300 among other races.

With the aim of providing the best care for the dogs and the highest quality of the sport, Joar is a proud member of the Qrill Pet Mushing Team. He is also a life-time member of Rana Trekk-og Brukshundklubb based in Mo I Rana.

Joar currently resides in Willow, Alaska, with his kennel of Alaskan huskies, a border collie, a fish named Hank and his girlfriend, Margot. When not mushing or taking care of his dogs, Joar enjoys exploring Alaska and all the fun activities that the great state has to offer."